What is K2, Spice or Mojo? It’s an over the counter synthetic marijuana…

Recently in my private practice I have noticed an increasing number of patients, especially teenagers, that are using an over-the-counter substance called K2, Spice or Mojo. These substances can give the patient a “high”, similar to marijuana, when smoked.  People are under the assumption that these substances are not as harmful as marijuana: unfortunately, these substances can cause brain changes which can leave the patient psychotic after just  one use.  These substances also cause illnesses similar to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and ADHD… several of these patients become suicidal.

Unfortunately, treating any psychiatric illnesses caused by these substances is difficult since there are no psychiatric medications designed to specifically treat the side effects of these popular new teen drugs. I have witnessed the fear in my patient’s eyes when they realize how naïve they’ve been in trusting that these substances were safe. I have seen how destructive these drugs have been to families.

I am a parent, and am passionate about educating myself, the community, and my patients of what we are facing regarding these new drug uses and addictions.  I have posted links to websites and videos, which can aid in education about these substances. I have also posted a link to pictures of the packaging of these substances. One of the parents of my patients mentioned, “I saw the wrapper in his pocket but it looked like a candy wrapper so I never suspected it”.  Please educate yourself about this epidemic that is destroying our youth and society. It is a secret killer!




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