Dr. DeCarvalho discusses the Cherish Perrywinkle case with NBC News

Dr. DeCarvalho was recently interviewed by NBC to discuss the recent abduction and murder of Cherish Perrywinkle.  This has sent chills throughout our community and devastated a family.  Dr. DeCarvalho tells us why this man should have been admitted into a facility for psychological evaluation and treatment.  Had our system taken a more responsible role [...]

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What is K2, Spice or Mojo? It’s an over the counter synthetic marijuana…

Recently in my private practice I have noticed an increasing number of patients, especially teenagers, that are using an over-the-counter substance called K2, Spice or Mojo. These substances can give the patient a “high”, similar to marijuana, when smoked.  People are under the assumption that these substances are not as harmful as marijuana: unfortunately, these [...]

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Are You Sad During the Holidays?

Did you know that in Florida, 1.4 percent of people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression only seen during the winter months?  SAD is also known as winter depression, winter blues, summer depression, summer blues, or seasonal depression.  In the northeast SAD is seen at a rate of 9.7%. Some of [...]

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